Register your company under a prominent business address and get maximum benefits at a fraction of the cost of an everyday office space.

In four locations in Warsaw, start-up companies as well as those already operating can choose from our cost effective virtual office solutions. Our clients receive flexible access to finest office facilities that they can use according to their individual needs. A well trained front desk service will ensure that you never miss a call by answering telephone calls in the name of your company. Also, we will take great care of your guests during meetings in one of our proffesional meeting rooms.

By using the Online Order you can receive a price quote for the virtual office solution in a location of your choice. In the final step just send us your Online Order and we will contact you .


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Additional services included in the monthly fee:
Reception of correspondence via the reception of the business center.
The dedicated telephone line is included, nahdled by the reception staff. 70 phone calls a month.

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